Five Day SLA Site Visits

 We recently partnered with an award winning AV and IT field service provider that provides us with a 3 to 5 day lead on service calls. We now have over  10,000 vetted, certified and trained service professionals at our disposal and we take it one step further and train the techs in your area on your systems so they know what to do right when they get there.

Knowledge Base

Access to our vast knowledge base to help you resolve and understand any issues and the step by step tools to get you back up and running on your own without paying for a service tech to come out. This save everyone time and money. Info on the equipment we install and why, in plain terms, to give you a clear understanding of how it all works. 

Tech Support Port‚Äčal

Each location we service will have their own service portal to open support tickets and track them, all your invoices and work orders will be in one place along with the history for that location. We are also entering support data going back 10 years so that history is not lost. Our AI engine also has access to this information to help troubleshoot and answer questions for you. Q) "How long ago was TV 5 replaced?" A) "Five years ago and I'm sorry to say its out of warranty"  Welcome to the future of Tech Support.

AI Support  Bot

See that red button at the bottom right corner?  Click to open our AI Tech Support chatbot. We are constantly training our chatbot on YOUR systems not just any generic AV system (although it can also troubleshoot them). We do continuous training so it's always learning.  Tell it your music isn't playing or you direcTV receiver is frozen, the more you interact the more it learns.